Dental Implants: Five Myths and The Truth Behind Them

dental implants

Are you reluctant to undergo dental implant treatment because of the various myths you have heard before? Fear not; we’re going to debunk those today so you can get started on your path towards the gleaming smile you have always wanted.

Myth #1 — Dental Implants Are “Fake Looking“

Have you ever heard people say dental implants look fake? Over the years there has been “talk” that dental implants showcase the metal base of dental implants near the gum line. However, most dental implants don’t use metal at all. Dental implants use translucent porcelain that portrays a very natural look and feel. In many cases, dental implants are undetectable even to the person wearing them.

Myth #2 — The Older Demographic Aren’t Deemed Suitable Candidates for Dental Implants

Whilst the younger crowd can, at times, be deemed too young for dental implants, you can never be too old. Younger patients may not have a fully developed jawline, which, more often than not, disqualifies them for dental implant surgery.

On the contrary, older individuals are considered ideal dental implant candidates. Even patients in their 90s have sought the help and expertise of Coolangatta Dental Group and have been successfully treated with dental implants. All of which has transformed their lives and sense of self for the better.

One thing to consider, however, is certain health conditions among older individuals which can potentially disqualify an individual from receiving dental implants. This may include uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding disorders, or gum disease. With that said, most health issues won’t affect your chances of qualifying for dental implants and your best bet is to seek the expertise of a Coolangatta Dental Group dental professional.

Myth #3 — Dental Implants are Hard Work

The notion that dental implants require a lot of maintenance is, well, false. Mind the pun.

To break it down, dental implants are sealed under the crown of your tooth permanently and essentially require the same amount of tender loving care as your natural teeth.

What most would be delighted to hear is that dental implants actually require less maintenance than dentures. With dentures, you need to physically remove them in order to clean them. This means dental implants offer a decreased risk of oral infection.

Myth #4 — Shock! Dental Implants Fall Out

Dental implants have a high success rate. But, some people do experience dental implant failure. Since 2008, Coolangatta Dental Group has experienced less than a 2 percent rate of dental implant failure whether this is shortly after a procedure or months/years later. Naturally, life gets in the way and an implant may fall out, loosen, or fail to bond.  However, the majority of patients never have issues with dental implants becoming loose or falling out if they take the advice of their qualified dental practitioner.

Myth #5 — Ouch! It Will Be Too Painful!

Many patients proclaim the fear of pain associated with dental implant surgery is their biggest reason for avoiding dental implant treatment.

Fortunately, most patients are comfortable throughout the dental implant procedure, thanks to anesthesia or nitrous oxide. Who doesn’t love a little IV sedation?

We won’t lie however, following the procedure, some patients do report feeling minor discomfort. However, like any medical procedure, this minor soreness usually dissipates within the first days or weeks.

Dental Implant Treatment at Coolangatta Dental Group

At the end of the day, every medical or dental procedure carries risk, the question you need to ask yourself is, is it worth it? And will it change my life for the better? Our team of highly experienced and compassionate dental professionals is fully equipped to nurture you through the process. All you need to do is take the first step.

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