Family Dentistry For The Whole Family

Whether you are a new parent or have a large family, you naturally want to do whatever you can to protect the wellbeing and health of your loved ones. Sometimes, that may require putting yourself in their bad books when it comes to ensuring their oral health is in tip-top shape.

There is a well-know myth that because children’s teeth are not permanent, they are not as important. This quite simply, is not true. Moreover, neglecting your children’s teeth may lead to problems when they are teenagers and even throughout adult life.

At Coolangatta Dental Group, we take on patients as young as infants to ensure they have the correct exposure to dental treatment at the earliest stage possible.
This article will shed light on the reasons childhood dental care is a vital component to maintaining optimal health and why it should be scheduled regularly in your family’s calendar.


We are sure you have heard the saying “lead by example”. This is certainly true when teaching your children how to care for their teeth. Your children, even your infant, will look to you for guidance on how how this is done and why it is important for every person.

Furthermore, exposing your child to dental treatment from a young age will allow them to become familiar with the process of a check-up, which will, in the long term, prevent issues concerning phobias or anxieties surrounding dental professionals.

Optimal Oral Health

In a similar vein to this, if a child has bad experiences with dental care early in their life, then as a teenager or an adult, they are less likely to attend dental check-ups. This can lead to issues with their oral health and can inevitably lead to other complications.

If a child is exposed to highly experienced dental professionals who have a calming and non-invasive approach to dental care at a very early age, then they have a higher chance in their adult years of maintaining a greater level of oral health.

Reduced Orthodontic Issues

By the time your child is around 7-10 years old, they will have likely visited an orthodontist.

Early dental care treatment can be exceptionally beneficial with respect to saving time and money down the line. If a child’s oral health has been maintained effectively, undergoing orthodontic care immediately after all of the adult teeth have erupted generally comes with fewer issues (and a few less dollar signs).

If you have attended an orthodontic appointment with your child and braces are needed, it will be easier for them to undertake as a youngster than in their adult years. And they will have a straighter smile sooner, which will have everyone smiling!

Lowered Cardiovascular Problems

By avoiding dental check-ups with your child, you may be creating the perfect storm for cardiovascular issues in the future. Various studies and researchers have discovered that if there is a higher volume of plaque in the mouth, then there is a higher risk of heart disease, cancers and even strokes.

In most instances, brushing the teeth at home is not enough to get rid of problematic plaque, so we highly recommend you see our team with your child to remove it effectively. Better to be safe than sorry as they say.

Improved Appearance & Self Esteem

We brushed on this earlier, (mind the pun), but if your child is exposed to dental care at a young age, they have a profound chance of donning straighter, whiter teeth in their adult years. This will not only help them with avoiding painful and pricey dental issues in due course but it will give them the gift of a confident, beaming smile to showcase throughout the course of their life.

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