Fillings or Crowns: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Do you have a tooth that’s damaged or suffering from decay? You might be wondering which is the appropriate treatment that will yield the best results: A simple filling or a more comprehensive dental crown. You might even be wondering, what is the difference? A crown is a prosthetic device cemented onto the tooth, providing coverage, and strength to a tooth. A filling is a material bonded into a tooth, replacing the damaged tooth structure.

At Coolangatta Dental Group we offer both, and a range of other restorative treatments. What our experienced dentists will recommend for you will depend on a few factors which we will explore in this article. Enjoy the read!

Severity of the Damage

One of the most common factors taken into consideration when deciding between a crown or filling is the extent of the structural damage. Dental crowns are cleverly designed to cover and protect your entire tooth whereas a filling is used to patch smaller areas of decay. So, if you have a large cavity, crack or considerably worn down tooth, a crown might just be the ideal treatment for you to undergo. 

Healthy Enamel

When placing a filling in a tooth where there is a small amount of healthy enamel remaining, the chances of it breaking apart when chewing or eating is rather high. In this case, a crown has a better likelihood of withstanding everyday use.

Post Root Canal Treatment

After a patient has had root canal treatment, the tooth is quite brittle. This makes it more prone to breakage and chipping compared to other teeth that have living nerves. Following root canal treatment, the standard practice is to position a temporary filling in place until the patient can return to have a crown fitted over the tooth for further security.

Replacing An Old Filling

After an old filling is taken out, the surrounding tooth has to be prepped once more for a new filling. Replacing older silver fillings typically involves a significant amount of structural loss, making it an unstable environment for a new filling. Placing a new filling will result in breakage once pressure is applied.

Primary Differences Between Fillings Vs Crowns

One of the most significant differences between crowns and fillings is that one protects the teeth significantly more. Crowns have the ability to strengthen teeth because they essentially reinforce them. This is because they encase the tooth completely. Furthermore, it can withstand greater force without the risk of being damaged. They are ideal for anyone looking to maintain as much of their natural tooth structure as possible.

Do you have a damaged tooth that’s causing you pain or discomfort? Connect with the Coolangatta Dental Group today to schedule your consultation and we’ll help determine which treatment best suits your needs!