Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery? Our 101 Survival Guide For First-Timers

We can all agree the thought of undergoing a wisdom teeth extraction can be intimidating and make us all feel a little unnerved, particularly if it’s for the first time. Whilst Wisdom teeth removal surgery is quite a common procedure, it is still a treatment journey that requires preparation and a recovery period for all patients. Aside from the inevitable discomfort that comes after your wisdom tooth extraction, you’ll need to take a small amount of time off work, have the appropriate proper medication on hand to help you recover and you’ll need to meal prep so you have soft yet nutritious meals for consumption ready to go.

The more you can educate about what you will endure, and the more you can prepare for the oral surgery, the faster you’ll recover and the more bearable you will find the whole experience. If you have an upcoming appointment with your Coolangatta Dental Group dentist, here’s some additional information to ensure you’re ready for the procedure and ready to cope with the after-effects.

Clear Your Schedule & Prepare For A Staycation

The recovery period for wisdom teeth extraction surgery is usually four to seven days. The moment you wake from your surgery, your gums will be swelling and you’ll likely experience bruising and some pain- But of course, this is totally normal! You will also be coming down from the anaesthesia, so you may feel a little bit woosy, but try to remember, you are in safe hands. From here, you’ll be using your prescribed medication for the next few days to help ease these side effects. That means you’ll have to clear your schedule from any responsibilities for the first couple of days after your surgery whether that be work, strenuous house jobs, social activities or anything physical that may antagonize the wound inside your mouth or hinder the healing process. 

As the initial healing days progress, you will become more and more alert and you will also become stronger. Until then, take advantage of the time to kick back and relax as you wait for your gums to recover.

Ease Pre-Surgery Jitters

It’s completely normal to feel some level of dental anxiety when it comes to having a wisdom tooth extraction. After all, it’s surgery that requires anaesthesia. To help manage these feelings of anxiety and nervousness, it’s encouraged to have upfront and honest conversations with your dentist beforehand. This includes asking them what the surgery entails, what the steps are and what you can expect after waking up from the surgery.

If you’re worried about potential complications that might arise during the surgery, ask your dentist about your concerns and to walk you through any preventative solutions. Remember that your dentist is a professional that has performed the operation multiple times. When you have answers to your questions, you may gain some much needed clarity that eases your pre-surgery dental anxiety.

Bring a Support Buddy With You

Following your surgery, you will require the assistance of a family member or a friend, especially to drive you home and make sure you are comfortable. This is primarily because wisdom teeth extractions uses general anaesthesia to numb the patient during the operation. This means, upon waking, a patient will not be able to function normally, making it incredibly unsafe to drive or commute home. It is important that you ask someone you trust to guide you home whether that be a neighbour, family member or friend. 

Get Your Medical Ducks In A Row

Your Coolangatta Dental Group dentist will provide you with the necessary medication for your recovery but you will also require an assortment of other medical aids to help with your healing and the level of comfort you experience during this time. Ice packs, pain relievers, antiseptic mouth rinse and a gauze will help lessen your pain post wisdom tooth extraction. For ice packs, always remember the 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off rule.

Prepare Your Shopping list & Get Your Meal Prep On

Your Coolangatta Dental Group dentist will advise that it’s best to limit your diet to soft , fulfilling & nutritious food options after your surgery. Eating soft or liquid food will minimise the chances of infection and prevent damage to your wounds. So make this your week to enjoy all those foods you wouldn’t necessarily! Ice cream, custard, mashed potatoes, go for gold! To make sure you are digesting as many vitamins and minerals as possible, you could also enjoy nutritious soups and protein shakes!

Remember it is very important to avoid foods that are sticky or chewy. It will get stuck between your teeth, causing damage and pain to the healing wounds.

Safe and Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal at Casey Dentists

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