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Dental Implants: Possible Complications & How You Can Avoid Them

Dental implants are a modern solution to solving tooth loss, but even this advanced dental treatment can come with its own complications if not treated properly.

Things To Know About Baby Teeth

When your baby goes from gummy grins to toothy smiles, they’ve reached a significant babyhood milestone. Those newly erupting baby teeth serve an essential role in the development of your baby’s teeth and mouth.

Periodontal Health & Pregnancy: How You Can Care For Yourself and Baby

Congratulations! Your pregnancy is certainly a time of joy and excitement—and a time to take extra special care of yourself.

5 Signs Your Tooth Might Need A Root Canal 

The term “Root Canal” may be among the most dreaded phrases known to people all around the world. Patients often come to our clinics with fear in their eyes as they anxiously post the question: “Do I need a root canal?”

How to Tell if A Headache Is Caused By Your Tooth

Did you know that despite you feeling pain in your head, it could actually be coming from your jaw? 4.9 million people suffer from migraines in Australia.

Your Dental Implant Treatment Guide

If your chosen dental provider has recommended you go ahead with dental implants, you might want to know a little more about the process and the treatment timeline.

Dentures or Implants? What's The Best Option For Me?

Oftentimes, patients find themselves at a crossroads when determining which is the better option: dentures or implants. If you need to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth, you naturally want to make sure the right choice of treatment is made.

Caring Well For Your Veneers

Your smile says a lot about your personality, which is why it’s important you know how to care for your porcelain veneers.

Experiencing Sensitive Teeth? Here’s What You Can Do

Most patients who experience severe pain often ask us how they can stop their sensitive teeth pain immediately. There are a variety of factors that may be contributing to your sensitivity so let’s look at some reasons behind sensitive teeth and how it is best managed.