Invisalign and ClearCorrect

At Coolangatta Dental Group, we believe that every smile makes a statement. You can be confident yours will say exactly what you want with straight even teeth, thanks to Invisalign and ClearCorrect

What are Invisalign and ClearCorrect?

Gone are the days when metal braces were the only choice to straighten teeth. Clear aligners have gained popularity, thanks to innovations like Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These solutions offer straight teeth without brackets and the wires, using a series of custom-made clear aligners that are also removable.

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Why choose aligners?

Aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet option.
Unlike traditional braces, aligners have no rough edges or wires, making them more comfortable to wear.
You can remove them to eat or clean your teeth, which makes it easier to maintain good oral health.
Appointments are faster and more comfortable.

Are they suitable for me?

Aligners may be the ideal solution for correcting mild to moderately crowded or incorrectly spaced teeth. For serious underbites or overbites, traditional braces may be required.

Due to their tight fit, aligners are usually recommended for teenagers and adults and not children.

Our trustworthy team at our Coolangatta, Ballina and Runaway Bay practices are always on hand to give you clear explanations about your options so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your oral health.

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